HL7Spy 3.0 Released!

Inner Harbour Software is please to announce HL7Spy 3.0, its latest release of its flagship product. HL7Spy 3.0 comes with a completely new user interface that makes HL7Spy more efficient and easier to use. HL7Spy 3.0 also comes packed with new features, enhancements, and performance improvements. A sampling of these can be found below.

New User Interface

The new user interface provides for a much richer user experience.  The new Ribbon Bar makes navigating HL7Spy’s functionality faster and easier. The tool buttons are larger and include text identifies the functionality being provided. Context sensitive help appears when hovering over a button. These new UI will make using HL7Spy more efficient for both beginners and existing HL7Spy pros alike.




Additional User Interface Enhancements

  • Ribbon Bar can be shown/hidden with Cntr-F1 allowing the user to maximize message display area
  • HL7Spy skin, back shadowing, and Aero Glass can be changed allowing the user to optimize the look and feel of the UI


  • Short-cuts can be added to the application title bar for quick access to frequently used tools


  • The Ribbon tabs, menus, and buttons can be access via the keyboard using the Alt key followed by the short-code displayed after the Alt key is pressed.





NEW HL7 Timeline Tool

The new HL7 Timeline Tool provides an over-view of the message volume over time for the currently displayed tab. This tool is useful when you are navigating a very large message stream and you want to see the messaging rate over time, or you want to quickly navigate to a particular date/time. In the example below, the message stream contains 100,000 messages. Note the spike in message throughput just before midnight every day.


HL7 Timeline Tool Features

  • Can handle hundreds of thousands of messages
  • Clicking on the timeline navigates the editor to that date/time
  • Zoom In/Out using Shift-Click operations with the mouse
  • Right-Click to export graph to png image file
  • Right-Click to export raw data to Excel

New HL7 Transform Tool

The new HL7 Transform Tool allows users to make bulk modifications to messages within the current tab. While message transformation functionality has been available in HL7Spy since version 1.x, it has required users to write c# code snippets in the Custom Code tool. Now non-programmers can make bulk transformations to HL7 messages without having to write code.


HL7 Transform Tool Features

  • Set fields to constant values. Eg, MSH-4=’FIXEDVALUE’ – sets MSH-4 to FIXEDVALUE
  • Copy fields from one part of the message to another. Eg, MSH-5=MSH-4 – sets MSH-5 to the value in MSH-4
  • Use a table to map one field to another. Eg PV1-2 = Table(PV1-2,’ER’ -> ‘E’, ‘OP’ -> ‘O’, ‘IP’ -> ‘I’) – maps ER to E, OP to O, and IP to I
  • Use conditions to control when a transformation is triggered. Eg, MSH-4=MSH-4+’-INPATIENT’  when  PV1-2=’I’ – appends ‘-INPATIENT’ to MSH-4 if PV1-2 is set to ‘I’
  • Test button runs the transform on the message currently displayed in the editor to test the results of the transform

New Other HL7Spy 3.0 Features/Improvements

  • Cloverleaf Smatdb files can now be opened with HL7Spy
  • Improved Bulk Message Compare tool
  • Improved Custom Code Selection UI
  • Improved Database Connection Selection and Configuration UI


  • Improved HL7 Send Destination Selection and Configuration UI


  • Support for decoding and opening large escaped HL7 fields including Base64 encoded data
  • Better, faster displays for displaying large amounts of data in Sql Loader, HL7 SQL, and Statistics tools


  • Better Exporting tools


  • Improved HL7 Receive Tool with support for receiving batch transfers


  • Improved HL7 Send Tool with support for sending HL7 batch messages


  • Improved Split Messages  in Tab Tool with support for creating HL7 Batch messages