What’s coming in HL7Spy 2.0?

New HL7 2.x Standard Definitions

  • Versions 2.1-2.7 are now supported
  • Automatic detection of the correct version based on MSH-12
  • Fully searchable in the HL7 Standard Tool

New Segment Editor

  • Hierarchical display of field information
  • Show/Hide missing fields
  • Expand a field to retrieve additional detail
  • Edit field values at any level in the hierarchy

New FTP/File Explorer

  • Display HL7 messages on remote systems using the FTP protocol
  • Support for local, and remote, file system short-cuts to commonly used directories
  • Securely connect using SFTP, or FTPS
  • Master password management
  • Hierarchical folder organization of local/remote
  • Import/Export folders with, or without, passwords
  • Tail functionality to display only the last few messages from a remote file
  • Sync functionality to retrieve additional messages from a remote file

Other Improvements

  • Added advanced TCP settings for KeepAlive, NoDelay, DontLinger, and IPv6
  • Protocol logging to capture HL7 message protocol information

  • Improved HL7 MLLP protocol handler. Reduced memory utilization.
  • Enhanced HL7 Message model for use in the Custom Code tool. Improved performance.
  • New Break(); statement allows debugging custom code from within Visual Studio
  • .NET 4/4.5 support
  • Full 64-bit support
  • Better scaling when running in Windows 7/8 200%+ resolution mode
  • Performance improvements in HL7 Sql and Sql Loader
  • Support for loading/querying millions of messages