Segments where OBX-15 differ from each other

Dear HL7Spy,
A user has a request – am not able to find function within HL7 to execute.

Find all the segments(i.e. OBX 15:1) within a message where content is different from each other. For example: If first OBX 15:1 is ABC, then find all other OBX within same message with content other than ABC.

Not sure if HL7Spy has that capability but thought I’d check.

Sure, no problem, you can write a custom function to display all messages where this is true in a few lines of code.

To add this code, go to the Custom Code tool, select the “+” to add a new custom function, and cut and paste this code over-top of the default code that is displayed.

To run the code, load up a set of messages into a tab and click “Run”. What you should see is a new tab created that will contain any messages where the OBX-15 value differs between segments.

 public override void Run() {
  // Get an HL7 Message in parsed format
  HL7Message message = GetParsedMessage();
  string obx15 = null;
  foreach(OBX obx in message.Segments.OfType<OBX>())
      obx15 = obx.ProducerSID_15.Value;
    else if(obx15 != obx.ProducerSID_15.Value)
      SaveMessage(message,"Different OBX-15");