HL7Spy v3.0.1690 Released

  • Feature – Add “Exit HL7Spy” menu item – Larry B.
  • Feature – HL7 Send – Add the ability to log the low-level communications protocol. Requested by Philip D.

HL7 Send - Log


  1. None – Turns off all debug information
  2. Debug – Includes information about the protocol exchanged minus the actual data in the transfer
  3. Full – Includes all protocol information and messaging data
  • Feature – Global Custom Code – A Custom Code function that can be used by other Custom Functions. This feature allows users to consolidate commonly used code into a centralized place that can be used across multiple functions.

  • Bug – Fix Error An exception was thrown during handling the topic ‘ShowMessageFramingView’ System.ArgumentException: Input array is longer than the number of columns in this table.
  • Bug – HL7 Send – Issue if the End of Frame markers in the ACK are sent in a separate network packet. Found by Philip D.
  • Bug – HL7 Tree Editor- Fix [InvalidOperationException] Sequence contains no elements