HL7Spy v2020.5.11 Released

  • Improvement – Settings – Store user specific settings in the User’s Documents\HL7Spy directory to help solve permissions in some locked-down environments and to prevent users on the same machine from conflicting with each other.
  • Improvement – Change behavior of grids in the application to not move to the next row when hitting the arrow key at the end of a row
  • Improvement – All – Updated all product dependencies to their latest versions
  • Bug Fix – Advisory Window – Fix index out of range exception due to json deserialization
  • Bug Fix – Settings – Fix issue where Settings are not saved when the application shuts down
  • Bug Fix – Message Editor – Fix issue where Highlight Fields doesn’t highlight all messages
  • Bug Fix – HL7Send – Fix sizing of HL7 Target Settings
  • Bug Fix – HL7Send – Don’t show Machine certificates unless running as an admin user because they cannot be used
  • Bug Fix – Cloverleaf smatdb – Fix issue with smatdbs and caching of incorrect passwords