HL7Spy v1.7.75 Released

  • Improvement – Upgraded some 3rd Party libraries that we use within the application
  • Bug – Fixed an issue when you double-click on a file in Windows Explorer and an existing instance of HL7Spy is shutting down. (thank you George S. for reporting)
  • Bug – Fixed an issue in the Splitting Tool where splitting by message index range was not working
  • Improvement – Sped up start time by lazy initializing the Custom Code tool
  • Improvement – Sped up application start time by 5 seconds.
  • Bug – Fixed a problem with gzip handling
  • Bug – Fixed a FileDisposed exception being thrown when the last Query Results tab is closed
  • Bug – Fixed an issue in HL7 SQL where the left most column showed incorrect index numbers when DISTINCT is selected from the toolbar.
  • Bug – Fix the formatting of date/times in Excel (thanks to Larry E. for reporting and giving us the fix!)