HL7Spy v4 Beta – Bulk Compare Tool

New – HL7Spy v4 is ready for Beta testing!

HL7Spy v3 was released in June 2017. Since that time we have released over 40 new versions of HL7Spy in response to customer requests for new features and to make bug fixes (many more improvements that bug fixes :)). We are now releasing a major upgrade to HL7Spy with some great enhancements.

One of the great new features in HL7Spy v4 is built for users who are migrating to a new HL7 Integration Engine, (like Rhapsody, or Corepoint –product plug intended). The Bulk Compare tool allows users to compare the output from their old integration engine with the output of their new one to ensure that the outputs are equivalent before flipping the switch.

The Bulk Compare Tool generates results that allow you to see exactly which messages and fields are different between to message streams. Statistics by message type and field are created. These results can be export to PDF and Excel for reporting purposes.

The Bulk Compare tool is fast, so fast. It can compare 100,000 messages in under 15 seconds. See it in action below.

The Bulk Compare tool was developed in conjunction with Rhapsody’s Co-Creation Labs: https://rhapsody.health/co-creation-lab. It was a great opportunity for us to work with the experts in the integration space and create a comprehensive HL7 integration engine migration tool. We were happy and impressed with the co-creation result and we think you will be too.

More information about the Bulk Compare tool can be found in the HL7Spy v4 user manual here: Bulk Compare Tool.