HL7Spy 3.1.1910 Released

  • Improvement – HL7Spy performance improvements. Application startups are faster, as are loading files
  • Improvement – Improve performance HL7 Standard searches/lookups
  • Improvement – Highlight fields in message that match the search entered in the search textbox

  • Improvement – Support cntrl-i and cntrl-shift-i for navigating text within the HL7 Editor
  • Improvement – Custom Code – Allow source code to be copied in HTML so it displays in emails better
  • Improvement – Improved IPv6 support
  • Improvement – HL7 Receive improved memory usage
  • Improvement – HL7 Send – Close HL7 Target selection popup on double-click
  • Improvement – Allow minimizing the Ribbon when document is dragged out of main window
  • Improvement – Clean-up bug report look and feel
  • Improvement – Custom Code – Add a dropdown list to the toolbar to show available functions/classes
  • Improvement – Better support for High Resolution monitors with .NET 4.7+
  • Bug Fix – With “Application Options/Explorer – Start New HL7Spy Instance” off, double-clicking on an HL7 file does not open existing HL7Spy instance
  • Bug Fix – Fix look and feel of MessageCollectionView when it is popped out of the main window
  • Bug Fix – Clean-up display of HL7 Standard tool
  • Bug Fix – Fix uncommon NullReferenceException in FieldStatistics
  • Bug Fix – Fix unhandled exception when file path is too long in FileSave dialog
  • Bug Fix – Fix Application Unhandled Exception. [EvaluationException] Invalid Expression
  • Bug Fix – Fix [InvalidOperationException] rectangle calculation must happen first
  • Bug Fix – Fix text in Custom Code splash screen
  • Bug Fix – Fix layout of HL7 Receiver configuration
  • Bug Fix – [NullReferenceException] Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    at HL7Spy.Core.Hl7.HL7Message.UpdateOffsets()
  • Bug Fix – Fix: Error Firing topic SetStatus from HL7Spy.Shell.ShellPresenter. [InvalidOperationException] Sequence contains more than one matching element
  • Bug Fix – Fix sizing and placement of the message navigation control
  • Bug Fix – Custom Code not saved when switching between functions resulting in lost work