HL7Spy 3.1.2306 Released

  • Improvement – HL7 SQL – Add a “Save” button to manually save the query text  – Requested by Larry B. from cdph.ca.gov
  • Improvement – HL7 SQL – Add an option to not automatically save the Query text when the user clicks the “Execute” button
  • Improvement – Statistics – Speed up calculation of “Selected To Single New Tab” and “Not Selected To Single New Tab” – requested by Jeff D. from hshs.org
  • Bug Fix – Fix issue where results from a SELECT INTO new tab results in the messages indexes in the results being incorrect and therefore showing the incorrect message in the editor when clicked on in the results grid – Reported by Jeff B. from mhg.com
  • Bug Fix – Custom Code – Fix issue with Custom Code not saving correctly. All being saved to file “00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000.xml”
  • Bug Fix – Custom Code – Compile to user temp directory instead of the one in ProgramData\HL7Spy\temp
  • Bug Fix – Custom Code – Fix up location of the Actipro CacheSplash window
  • Bug Fix – Do not show files from the User’s temp directory in the Recent File List
  • Bug Fix – Save Recent File List on Application Exit