What’s new in HL7Spy 20.1?


  • We have made HL7Spy faster. We improved the performance of loading the application, loading messages, query messages, performing statistics calculations on a field, and many other aspects of the application.
  • HL7Spy can handle more data. We have improved HL7Spy’s already unique ability to load 100’s of thousands of messages. In HL7Spy 2020.1 we have improved many features to handle the increased size of HL7 data streams. We have some customers that are loading 42,000,000 messages and running queries to generate reports. That’s a lot of messages!

Here is what its like to load 1.1 million messages from a 7-zip archive containing 10 files on a standard laptop.

Watch how fast it is when used to calculate the statistics on the MSH-9 field.

  • We went through the entire product and improved every window and dialog in the application. We asked ourselves how we can make them better, and we did. Check it out for yourself.
  • We added more options for saving the application layout, font sizing, opening behavior, saving/restoring application settings, and more.
  • We added the ability to set the font size of the editor and most data grids within the application. This is great if your eyes are getting older like mine.
  • We have updated all data grids, and tree grids in the application. Where useful, they now support searching, sorting, and data grouping.
  • The HL7 Editor has been revamped. In v2020 it is snappier, renders text more precisely,  handles large HL7 messages better, supports configurable field highlighting, and has a cool new search tool (shown below).
  • The Custom Code Tool – This tool is for power-users! It is amazing what you can do if you know a little C#. In v2020 this tool has been completely redone. It now supports the .NET 4.8 run-time, and C# 7.x language specification.
  • One of the great new features in HL7Spy v2020 is built for users who are migrating to a new HL7 Integration Engine, (like Rhapsody, or Corepoint –product plug intended). The Bulk Compare tool allows users to compare the output from their old integration engine with the output of their new one, to ensure that the outputs are equivalent before flipping the switch. The Bulk Compare Tool generates results that allow you to see exactly which messages and fields are different between two message streams. Statistics by message type and field are created. These results can be exported to PDF and Excel for reporting purposes.The Bulk Compare tool is fast, so fast. It can compare 100,000 messages in under 15 seconds. See it in action below.
  • HL7 Sender/Receiver – Improved SSL/TLS support.
  • Sql Loader tool – This tool has been updated for v2020.1 . We have also included  for InterSystems Caché/IRIS. (Thank you to Jeff Drumm for his help us get this feature into v2020!). Please see his article on how to set this up in your environment: https://community.intersystems.com/post/load-ensemble-messages-hl7-spy-v20201