Find all CPT codes for each patient

What I want to do is for each of the three accounts contained in PID-18, show all PR1-3 fields for all PR1 segments. Typically, these are sequential segments, e.g., PR1|1…, PR1|2…, etc. The purpose is to generate a list of all procedure and CPT codes for each of the patients.

please try the following code:

make sure you can access the c:\temp directory, that is where the file is being stored.

To narrow the search, use HL7 SQL to filter for the patient accounts you are interested in, into a separate tab (SELECT INTO).

or, modify the _patientAccount list below to include the patients you want included, and uncomment the code with the // (1) “Uncomment me” comment

string _fileName = @"c:\temp\_test.txt";
private StreamWriter _writer;

// patient Identifiers
private string[] _patientAccounts = new string[]{"952-11-3088", "H000759100", "H000759092", "H000759118"};

public override void OnStart() {
  _writer = new StreamWriter(_fileName);

public override void Run() {
  // Get an HL7 Message in parsed format
  HL7Message message = GetParsedMessage();
  PID pid = message.Segments.First<PID>();
    return; // no pid segment
  // (1) Uncomment me
  //  return;
  foreach(var pr1 in message.Segments.OfType<PR1>())
    _writer.WriteLine("{0},{1},{2},{3},{4},{5}",this.MessageIndex, pid[18], message.MSH[7], message.MSH[10], pid[5], pr1[3]);

// Called once after the last message has been processed.
// It is a good place to perform cleanup and to report information.
// Always called from the UI thread.
public override void OnFinish()
    _writer = null;
  // launch notepad to display the file.