Write Custom Code in C#

Power users can write custom code in C# to do almost anything the .NET framework will allow you to do. In this simple example we are appending the text “-test” to the existing value of MSH-3.

Included in HL7Spy are examples of how to de-identify patient information, generate messages, and other more complex message processing routines.

Select All Messages for a Patient

By right-clicking on an HL7 field you can easy to select all messages for a patient. HL7Spy will query all messages, find those that match, and present an ordered list of messages.

If you want to compare any 2 messages, simply select any 2 messages from the list, then right-click and select the “Compare Messages”.

Getting Statistics on an HL7 Field

One of the most powerful features of HL7Spy is calculating statistics on a particular field. In this example we are loading 100,000 messages and getting the statistics on PV1-2. You will notice that 50,178 with value “O”, and 14,733 with the value “E”.

You can navigate values of a particular type by using the forward and back buttons as shown in the short clip.

You can also right-click on a field type, say “O” and send all messages with PV1-2=”O” to a separate tab.

Load Messages From Database

Messages can be loaded from Sql Server, Oracle, Postgres, My Sql and many other databases. HL7Spy will automatically detect which column contains the message data and will load the messages into the message editor. Clicking on a row in the result set will display the associated message in the Message Editor.