HL7Spy v24 Released

Setting New Standards in HL7 Data Analysis

We’re excited to unveil HL7Spy v24, pushing the boundaries of HL7 data analysis and transformation even further. The innovations we’re introducing are shaped by our users’ feedback and our daily use of the product here at Inner Harbour Software. Here’s what’s new:

  • Modernized User Experience:
    • Sleek Interface: Transition smoothly from previous versions of HL7Spy with our revamped UI, including a user-centric Dark Mode.
    • Crisper Visuals: High-Resolution monitor support guarantees precision in every detail for an unparalleled visual experience.
    • Enhanced Clarity: Enjoy improved visibility with support for high-resolution fonts and the flexibility to adjust font sizes dynamically
  • Advanced Statistics Tools:
    • Enhanced Statistics: Effortlessly navigate values with additional details like message type and Message Date/Time.

    • Field Insights: The new Field Statistics UI lets you delve deeper into values for comprehensive analysis, coupled with a Multi-Path statistics tool for aggregated field insights.
    • Message Analysis: The all-new Message Statistics feature offers insights into hourly message volumes, sizes, and types, streamlining your data analysis processes.
    • Segment and Standards: With added conformance length in the Segment Editor and support for HL7 v2.2 through v2.9, stay ahead in your HL7 standard needs.
  • Connectivity & Integration:
    • HL7 ACK Navigation: HL7 ACKs are now displayed in the HL7 Send tool. ACKs are automatically linked to the originating message.
    • Secure Transfers: The HL7 MLLP Receiver now comes with robust TLS 1.3 support, ensuring secure data transactions.
    • Cloud & Storage Integration: Elevate your navigation experience with the File Browser’s revamped UI. Seamlessly fetch files not only from AWS and Azure but also effortlessly access data via SFTP, FTPS, and Network Storage. With extensive support for authentication methods including Username/Password, Access Key, and SSO, managing your HL7 data across diverse platforms has never been this efficient.

  • Tools & Utilities:
    • Search & Segment: Multi-Value Search Tool optimizes your message searches, while the Message Split Tool provides granularity by splitting messages based on HL7 Paths.
    • Folder Watcher: Monitor in real-time with the Watch Folder Tool, auto-loading files into HL7Spy and benefiting from its filtering capabilities.
    • Quick Access: The Application Search Tool ensures you find the tools you need in an instant.
    • Stay Updated: Never miss an update or a security notice with our in-product notification system.
  • Improved Functionality & Performance: Your favorite tools have been polished, with several improvements and performance enhancements, making your HL7 data management journey smoother and faster.

Upgrade Offers:

  • Enterprise users, your upgrade to HL7Spy v24 is complimentary.
  • If you’ve purchased HL7Spy v20 in the recent 3 months, you’re eligible for a free upgrade.
  • Special promotion: HL7Spy v20 users can leap to v24 for just $299.00 for a limited period.

Our commitment remains steadfast: Delivering powerful tools inspired by your feedback and our hands-on experience with the product. Experience the future of HL7 data inspection and transformation with HL7Spy v24!