HL7Spy v3.0.1549

  • Feature – Improve memory use of the application
  • Feature – Improve performance of HL7 Sender and Receiver
  • Feature – Improved robustness of the HL7 Receiver
  • Feature – Add support for SSL in HL7 Sender and Receiver
  • Feature – SQL Loader/HL7 SQL – Add Enhanced Tools to Options menu
  • Find Panel – Allows the user to perform searches within the current result set
  • Group by Panel – Allows grouping of data by a column by dragging and dropping the column in the indicated area
  • Auto Filter Row – Filter the result set using the expression in the filter textbox. You can use %, or * as a wildcard


  • Feature – Re-implement and improve Watch List tool
  • Feature – Watch List – Add support for displaying watch list highlighted in the message editor


  • Feature – Open Folder Dialog – Redesign
  • Feature – Open Folders Dialog – Improve search performance
  • Feature – Open Folders Dialog – Add support for Regular Expressions in the file name search
  • Feature – Open Folders Dialog – Show status of search to indicate level of completion
  • Feature – Open Folders Dialog – Save user settings across application restarts


  • Bug – Remove annoying ding from SetFieldView
  • Bug – MLLP – Fix argument out of Range exception due to end-frame-bytes being ahead of the start-frame-bytes in customer message
  • Bug – Fix layout of MessageFramingControl so that the Character Encoding is visible
  • Bug – Fix Watch List item’s description not updating properly when editing the HL7 Path
  • Bug – Make the selected field the highest display priority so that it is not hidden by field highlighting
  • Bug – Fix missing status update during Watch List Report generation
  • Bug – Fix sizing of # of Samples in calculate statistics
  • Bug – Fix incorrect use eventhandlers which are preventing objects from being GC’d
  • Bug – Bulk Compare – Key Path field not staying empty when cleared by user – Reported by Jeff D.
  • Bug – Bulk Compare – HL7Spy does not properly launch the default application for CSV files