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HL7Spy 3.1.2173 Released

  • Improvement – HL7 Sender – Add logging of SSL info
  • Improvement – Editor – Add custom framing options to File SaveAs – requested by Joe E./li>
  • Improvement – General – Miscellaneous performance improvements/li>
  • Improvement – General – Update 3rd Party libraries/li>
  • Bug Fix – File Browser – SSH Private Key not functioning correctly- reported by Jeff D.
  • Bug Fix – HL7 Transform – Fix issue with edits not being picked up until a new row/column is selected
  • Bug Fix – HL7 Transform – Cannot delete transform
  • Bug Fix – Editor – Loading many small files compressed in 7z format is very slow – warren K.
  • Bug Fix – Editor – Fix issue with some HL7 Standard Table values not showing properly. Reported by Paul R.
  • Bug Fix – Editor – Copy/paste of Unicode characters incorrectly interpreted as ASCII
  • Bug Fix – Sql Loader – Fix database selection issue when the item selected is the first item in the list