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HL7Spy 3.0.1648

  • Feature – HL7 SQL/SQL Loader – Add menu items for Showing/Hiding: Auto Filter Row, Grouping Panel, and Find Panel
  • Feature – HL7 SQL/SQL Loader – Add support for exporting column to quoted list – Albert E.
  • Feature – HL7 SQL/SQL Loader – Add “Selected To Distinct List” to clipboard right-click option and keyboard shortcut


  • Feature – HL7 Send – Improved performance and better memory usage
  • Feature – Add user help button that points to the on line user manual
  • Feature – Custom Code – Add function to Split OBX-5 repeats to and OBX segments with no repeats and back (HL7Message.SplitObx5RepeatToOBX/HL7Message.CombineObxsToObx5Repeats)
  • Feature – HL7 Receiver – Add error dialog when ssl is selected but no certificate is supplied
  • Feature – Allow configuring the Font used in the Compare Tool

  • Bug – Bulk Compare Tool – Escape double quotes and commas in Generate Report – Jeff D.
  • Bug – Sql Loader – Correct Integrated Security connection string value for Oracle
  • Bug – Sql Loader – Add support for Sqlite databases
  • Bug – Fix NRE when clearing the disposed Statistics Tool
  • Bug – Fix file save view error when there are no messages to save
  • Bug – HL7 Editor – Turn off vertical scrollbar when wordwrap is off
  • Bug – Split Tab – Split by file size should be in KB not MB
  • Bug – Fix clear-all/select-all in Open Folder tool
  • Bug – Fix issue where exporting and print preview causing MissingManifestResourceException and not able to display print preview dialog
  • Bug – HL7 Editor – Fix setting Font in editor settings not changing font in editor
  • Bug – Custom Code – HL7 Control Character Escape Sequences not properly handled by ToString()
  • Bug – Fix issue with PartialLoad Dialog not functioning properly when file size is greater than int.MaxValue
  • Bug – Fix extra message present in the tab when using Partial Load Dialog
  • Bug – HL7 Editor – Fix issue where “Unescaped Field To Clipboard” menu item is repeated each time the user right-clicks on a field. Reported by Jeff D.
  • Bug – Bulk Compare Tool – Full Segments not being ignored – Jeff D
  • Bug – Compare Tool – Find Next Change stopping at Ignored fields
  • Bug – Compare Tool – Ignored Segments should be ignored when comparing segment order