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HL7Spy v3.0.1549

  • Feature – Improve memory use of the application
  • Feature – Improve performance of HL7 Sender and Receiver
  • Feature – Improved robustness of the HL7 Receiver
  • Feature – Add support for SSL in HL7 Sender and Receiver
  • Feature – SQL Loader/HL7 SQL – Add Enhanced Tools to Options menu
  • Find Panel – Allows the user to perform searches within the current result set
  • Group by Panel – Allows grouping of data by a column by dragging and dropping the column in the indicated area
  • Auto Filter Row – Filter the result set using the expression in the filter textbox. You can use %, or * as a wildcard


  • Feature – Re-implement and improve Watch List tool
  • Feature – Watch List – Add support for displaying watch list highlighted in the message editor


  • Feature – Open Folder Dialog – Redesign
  • Feature – Open Folders Dialog – Improve search performance
  • Feature – Open Folders Dialog – Add support for Regular Expressions in the file name search
  • Feature – Open Folders Dialog – Show status of search to indicate level of completion
  • Feature – Open Folders Dialog – Save user settings across application restarts


  • Bug – Remove annoying ding from SetFieldView
  • Bug – MLLP – Fix argument out of Range exception due to end-frame-bytes being ahead of the start-frame-bytes in customer message
  • Bug – Fix layout of MessageFramingControl so that the Character Encoding is visible
  • Bug – Fix Watch List item’s description not updating properly when editing the HL7 Path
  • Bug – Make the selected field the highest display priority so that it is not hidden by field highlighting
  • Bug – Fix missing status update during Watch List Report generation
  • Bug – Fix sizing of # of Samples in calculate statistics
  • Bug – Fix incorrect use eventhandlers which are preventing objects from being GC’d
  • Bug – Bulk Compare – Key Path field not staying empty when cleared by user – Reported by Jeff D.
  • Bug – Bulk Compare – HL7Spy does not properly launch the default application for CSV files

HL7Spy v3.0.1441 Released

  • Feature – Clean-up Messages in Tab. This feature allows you to find and remove unwanted messages from a tab. For instance, sometimes you want to remove duplicate messages, or remove messages coming from a particular source system. The Clean-up tool provides you with this capability.


  • Bug – Fix ArgumentOutOfRangeException in HL7 Send Tool
  • Bug – HL7 SQL and Sql Loader. Disable “Distinct” button while a query is executing
  • Bug – Fix saving/restoring Quick Access Toolbar
  • Bug – Bulk message compare – Fix segment paths not being excluded when added to ignore list
  • Bug – Set HL7 Field – Fix tab stops so they are ordered more logically

HL7Spy 3.0.1387 Released

  • Feature – BHS/BTS segments should be preserved by the HL7 Receiver
  • Feature – Add progress bar when initial Bulk Compare is calculated
  • Feature -Compare Tool Enhancement – Add to exclusion list by right-clicking on fields in the compare window

  • Bug – StackOverflowException when stopping an HL7 MLLP Transfer
  • Bug – Disable annoying ding when something is search via the navigation control
  • Bug – Total Query Time displayed in Sql Loader, and HL7 SQL are incorrect
  • Bug – HL7 SQL – Field name text is not always shown in the Columns of the result set
  • Bug – Sql Loader – Always show results if there are items returned in the query. Requested by Albert E.
  • Bug – Bulk Compare – An HL7 Segment Paths like OBX, OBX[2], and OBX[*] in the “Path(s) to Ignore” bulk compare settings, does not ignore all OBXs
  • Bug – Compare – Configuration dialog should not shut when enter key is hit

HL7Spy 3.0 Released!

Inner Harbour Software is please to announce HL7Spy 3.0, its latest release of its flagship product. HL7Spy 3.0 comes with a completely new user interface that makes HL7Spy more efficient and easier to use. HL7Spy 3.0 also comes packed with new features, enhancements, and performance improvements. A sampling of these can be found below.

New User Interface

The new user interface provides for a much richer user experience.  The new Ribbon Bar makes navigating HL7Spy’s functionality faster and easier. The tool buttons are larger and include text identifies the functionality being provided. Context sensitive help appears when hovering over a button. These new UI will make using HL7Spy more efficient for both beginners and existing HL7Spy pros alike.




Additional User Interface Enhancements

  • Ribbon Bar can be shown/hidden with Cntr-F1 allowing the user to maximize message display area
  • HL7Spy skin, back shadowing, and Aero Glass can be changed allowing the user to optimize the look and feel of the UI


  • Short-cuts can be added to the application title bar for quick access to frequently used tools


  • The Ribbon tabs, menus, and buttons can be access via the keyboard using the Alt key followed by the short-code displayed after the Alt key is pressed.





NEW HL7 Timeline Tool

The new HL7 Timeline Tool provides an over-view of the message volume over time for the currently displayed tab. This tool is useful when you are navigating a very large message stream and you want to see the messaging rate over time, or you want to quickly navigate to a particular date/time. In the example below, the message stream contains 100,000 messages. Note the spike in message throughput just before midnight every day.


HL7 Timeline Tool Features

  • Can handle hundreds of thousands of messages
  • Clicking on the timeline navigates the editor to that date/time
  • Zoom In/Out using Shift-Click operations with the mouse
  • Right-Click to export graph to png image file
  • Right-Click to export raw data to Excel

New HL7 Transform Tool

The new HL7 Transform Tool allows users to make bulk modifications to messages within the current tab. While message transformation functionality has been available in HL7Spy since version 1.x, it has required users to write c# code snippets in the Custom Code tool. Now non-programmers can make bulk transformations to HL7 messages without having to write code.


HL7 Transform Tool Features

  • Set fields to constant values. Eg, MSH-4=’FIXEDVALUE’ – sets MSH-4 to FIXEDVALUE
  • Copy fields from one part of the message to another. Eg, MSH-5=MSH-4 – sets MSH-5 to the value in MSH-4
  • Use a table to map one field to another. Eg PV1-2 = Table(PV1-2,’ER’ -> ‘E’, ‘OP’ -> ‘O’, ‘IP’ -> ‘I’) – maps ER to E, OP to O, and IP to I
  • Use conditions to control when a transformation is triggered. Eg, MSH-4=MSH-4+’-INPATIENT’  when  PV1-2=’I’ – appends ‘-INPATIENT’ to MSH-4 if PV1-2 is set to ‘I’
  • Test button runs the transform on the message currently displayed in the editor to test the results of the transform

New Other HL7Spy 3.0 Features/Improvements

  • Cloverleaf Smatdb files can now be opened with HL7Spy
  • Improved Bulk Message Compare tool
  • Improved Custom Code Selection UI
  • Improved Database Connection Selection and Configuration UI


  • Improved HL7 Send Destination Selection and Configuration UI


  • Support for decoding and opening large escaped HL7 fields including Base64 encoded data
  • Better, faster displays for displaying large amounts of data in Sql Loader, HL7 SQL, and Statistics tools


  • Better Exporting tools


  • Improved HL7 Receive Tool with support for receiving batch transfers


  • Improved HL7 Send Tool with support for sending HL7 batch messages


  • Improved Split Messages  in Tab Tool with support for creating HL7 Batch messages


HL7Spy v2.3.555 Released

  • Improvement – Do not show the popup when pasting text into the HL7 Editor.
  • Improvement – Add a new right-click menu option to paste and replace text from the clipboard to the HL7 Editor
  • Improvement – Better logic for saving application size and location with multiple monitors

  • Bug Fix – Mask HL7: Fix issue where hitting the “Enter” key in mask fields dialog causes the dialog to exit.
  • Bug Fix – Sql Loader: Fix issue where error messages are not being cleared between queries
  • Bug Fix – Split Messages – Fix issue with a file being locked when exporting
  • Bug Fix – Split Messages – Fix issue with splitting messages by index range misses the last message in the index
  • Bug Fix – Split Messages – Fixed issue with splitting messages by file size not working correctly

HL7Spy 2.3.534 Released

  • Improvement – Better appication startup window positioning – Requested by Len F.

  • Bug Fix – Custom Code: HL7Message InsertAfter throws unexpected exception.
  • Bug Fix – HL7DocumentationProviderFactory.GetOrCreateProvider1 [ArgumentException] An item with the same key has already been added.
  • Bug Fix – Could not save configuration for HL7QueryViewSettings.
  • Bug Fix – Update help web links to point to new web location
  • Bug Fix – Fix missing tooltip issue when navigation bar is set to top – Report by Scott H.
  • Bug Fix – Fix a problem where the last char could be 0x1c or 0x0b and was included as part of the message
  • Bug Fix – Custom Code: Fix up code documentation so it properly shows the parameter information in the code editor

HL7Spy v2.2.501 Released

  • Improvement – Update Custom Code tool to support for C# 5.0 syntax
  • Improvement – Support REGEXP in addition to REGEX – Requested by Albert E
  • Improvement – Add menu option to reset application registry and folder permissions
  • Improvement – Message Editor should track WatchView path when WatchView is navigated with the keyboard
  • Improvement – Make HL7 text comparison case insensitive
  • Improvement – Add clear Watch functionality
  • Improvement – Select All/Clear all in the DISTINCT tool
  • Improvement – Print out duplicate keys as part of the Bulk Compare Report
  • Improvement – When generating a Bulk Diff Compare, print out indexes of messages with duplicate keys
  • Improvement – Turn high res mode on in app.config. Requires .NET 4.5 or above

  • Bug Fix – Do not use Courier New. Some systems in India do not seem to have this font.
  • Bug Fix – When I use the dropdown to select the ‘MySQL’ Database type, it doesn’t get selected and remains ‘SqlServer’. – Mike S
  • Bug Fix – Fix issue where buttons in Custom Code Device are being hidden.
  • Bug Fix – Fixed issue where \r\n in password prevented the FTP explorer from working
  • Bug Fix – Fix issue where the word “select” in region generates an error message
  • Bug Fix – Fix NRE when launching the Sql Loader when it has never been configured
  • Bug Fix – HL7Spy does NOT display message in file with MSH-18 equal “UNICODE UTF-8”

HL7Spy 2.1.448 Released

  • Improvement – HL7 SQL – Expand repeated fields when “*” is specified for the repeat – Requested by Albert E.
  • Improvement – Sql Loader – Improved DB connection dialog. Better cancel support. – Requested by Albert E.
  • Improvement – Add new Find Duplicates functionality. Finds messages in a tab that have duplicated MSH-10 (message Control ID). This new function can be found under the “Tools/Find Duplicate Messages” menu item.
  • Improvement – Add new Remove Duplicates functionality. Remove messages in a tab that have duplicated MSH-10 (message Control ID). This new function can be found in the toolbar and under the “Tools/Remove Duplicate Messages” menu item – Requested by Lonny K.
  • Improvement – Add new Set HL7 Field Value Function (see Set HL7 Field Value for details). This new feature can be found in the toolbar, and under the “Tools/Set HL7 Field Value…” menu option – Requested by Joseph Z.


  • Bug Fix – Issue where very large subcomponents are not shown in the Segment Editor – Reported by Paul C
  • Bug Fix – Ack message received should not contain the framing characters
  • Bug Fix – Statistics at the *** message level are not always accurate. Reported by Adam F.
  • Bug Fix – Fix issue where progress bar not show during generation of Compare Report.

HL7Spy 2.1.411 Released

  • Improvement – FTP Explorer – Add a folder search feature – Requested by Holly B.
  • Improvement – Message Tab – Add support for editing tab names – Requested by Justin N.
  • Improvement – Remove annoying ding when enter key is pressed
  • Improvement – Core – Change HL7Parser such that it if receives a second MSH, that it will create a parser error and stop parsing
  • Improvement – Custom Code – Add ClearFields and KeepFields function
  • Improvement – MLLP Maximum Message Size not being honored – Reported by Paul C.
  • Improvement – Changes to the HL7 MLLP feature to do 2 things when the configured Maximum Message Size has been exceeded:
    1) Stop the MLLP listener and display an error
    2) Append an ERR segment to the truncated message
  • Improvement – HL7 MLLP – Display a link that when clicked opens the debug log location
  • Improvement – HL7 MLLP – Add a button to clear the  debug logging output

  • Bug Fix – Search Dialog – Cannot edit the HL7Path. Reported by Jon S.
  • Bug Fix – HL7 Spy Version 2.x: Pasting Messages Problem
  • Bug Fix – Fix up resizing of the Message Properties Window
  • Bug Fix – Fix up Fonts in Message Properties Window and Hex Editor
  • Bug Fix – Clean up HexBox. Display was ugly because of how the characters were being aligned.
  • Bug Fix – Not properly identifying 4 character Z segments
  • Bug Fix – Version 2.x Issue – Highlighting of Fields and Pop-Up Field Counters not working properly. Thijs
  • Bug Fix – Wix installer should require only .NET 3.5 to run
  • Bug Fix – Compare tool not fully initialized when called from HL7 Sql, or other tool
  • Bug Fix – Custom Code Make sure the buttons are always re-enabled when switching between functions
  • Bug Fix – Cosmetic: Better alignment of FTP Explorer login settings
  • Bug Fix – Save FTP settings when a folder is created, or moved
  • Bug Fix – FTP Explorer – Modify Password Dialog so the login error is displayed
  • Bug Fix – MLLP Maximum Message Size not being honored – Reported by Paul C.

HL7Spy 2.1.334 Released

  • Improvement – Custom Code – Expose the collection of output MessageCollections in the Custom Code base class
  • Improvement – Bulk Compare – Add Ignore Case option in the Message Diff, and Bulk Message Diff functionality. Requested by Prasad K
  • Improvement – HL7 Editor – Change error messages for 4 letter Z-Segments to a warning
  • Improvement – HL7 Editor – Make the wrap text option more accessible by placing it in the toolbar
  • Improvement – Trim off any control characters at the start of an HL7Message
  • Improvement – Add auto-sizing option for the HL7 Statistics Grid
  • Improvement – Update to latest MySql nuget package v6.9.6
  • Improvement – Update to the latest postgres library
  • Improvement – FTP Explorer – Add Filtering cability. Requested by Justin N
  • Improvement – FTP Explorer – Add Home button. Requested by Justin N
  • Improvement – FTP Explorer – Auto-resize the Remote Directory Textbox to use all available space
  • Improvement – FTP Explorer – Support for AIX servers
  • Bug Fix – Highlight Field feature does not work
  • Bug Fix – Fixes to HL7 Message Statistics. Reported by Elizabeth S
  • Bug Fix – Show in HL7 Standard from Field Statistics right-click
  • Bug Fix – Segment Editor – Next/Prev segment button does not work. Reported by David G.
  • Bug Fix – Bulk Compare – Message differ report does not honor case-insensitivity. Found by Prasad K
  • Bug Fix – HL7 Editor – Issue where empty file creates a situation where the index is set to 0/0 and copy/paste fails to function properly. Reported by Cameron N