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HL7Spy 3.1.2273 Released

  • Improvement – Remember the last directory where data was exported to and reuse it next time another export is initiated. Requested by Jeff D from hicgrp.com
  • Improvement – Remove all intermediate Export dialogs and show the standard Windows SaveAs dialog instead. Requested by Jeff D from hicgrp.com
  • Improvement – Clean-up exporting from the Watch List
  • Improvement – Custom Code – Add more overloads to HL7Message.CombineObxsToObx5Repeats for transforming many OBX segments into 1 with repeating OBX-5
  • Improvement – Add an application option to Auto Open Export Files, or to just open File Explorer and select the file
  • Improvement – Handle loading multiple files where one, or more, has an access denied issue
  • Improvement – When Exporting to Excel, PDF, etc., reuse the same File Explorer instance to navigate to the file rather than opening a new one each time
  • Improvement – Update shortcuts for Field/Component/Subcomponent statistics
  • Improvement – Speed up loading of xz, zip, gz, etc. compressed files
  • Bug Fix – Fix issue where vv is placed on versions of HL7 Standard in the Export to Xml tool
  • Bug Fix – Remove double MessageBox request to overwrite a file when Exporting to Excel, pdf, etc. Reported by Jeff D. from hicgrp.com
  • Bug Fix – Fix issue where Recent File List not saving properly
  • Bug Fix – Fix OpenFolder search issue where filtering is not working properly – Reported by Sandy D. from aurora.org
  • Bug Fix – Custom Code – HL7DateTime.TryParse returns the datetime as being in the local timezone even if not timezone is in the DTM string
  • Bug Fix – Issue with “Redact messages to new Tab” when when tab contains multiple sources. Reported by David R from AGFA
  • Bug Fix – HL7Query – Fix Unhandled Exception. [ObjectDisposedException] Cannot access a disposed object.
  • Bug Fix – Fix An exception that was thrown during handling the topic ‘MessageCollectionRemoved’
  • Bug Fix – F11 should show/hide the Ribbon Bar but does not
  • Bug Fix – EventBroker – [InvalidOperationException] Sequence contains more than one matching element
  • Bug Fix – FileExplorer – SFTP error when navigating a directory that contains a file marked as FIFO. Reported by Jeff D. from HSHS
  • Bug Fix – Split Tab – Fix Message Collection that is split shows up as empty in HL7Spy until re-opened

HL7Spy 3.1.2228 Released

  • Improvement – Randomize sample messages used for calculating global statistics – Requested by Jeff B from mhg
  • Improvement – Message Split Tool – Add support to split files based on their original file name
  • Improvement – Editor – Improve performance of loading many small files – Requested by Joe M. from vumc
  • Improvement – Custom Code – Support setting the unescaped value of a field. HL7Subcomponent.EscapedValue
  • Improvement – Sql Loader/HL7 Sql – Add Windows Folder Browser dialog to ExportForm. Requested by Jeff D. from hicgrp
  • Improvement – HL7 Diff – Speed improvements to the HL7 Differencing algorithm for large messages. Reported by Tony C. from MModal
  • Improvement – FTP Explorer – Add support for recursive searches. Requested by Barry V. from princetonhc
  • Improvement – FTP Explorer – Add additional logging information when in “debug” mode to help troubleshoot connection errors
  • Bug Fix – Error getting Authentication Info. Padding is invalid and cannot be removed. Reported by John B. from Cook Children’s
  • Bug Fix – FTP Explorer – Fix Connection Timeout string showing as blank

HL7Spy 3.1.2173 Released

  • Improvement – HL7 Sender – Add logging of SSL info
  • Improvement – Editor – Add custom framing options to File SaveAs – requested by Joe E./li>
  • Improvement – General – Miscellaneous performance improvements/li>
  • Improvement – General – Update 3rd Party libraries/li>
  • Bug Fix – File Browser – SSH Private Key not functioning correctly- reported by Jeff D.
  • Bug Fix – HL7 Transform – Fix issue with edits not being picked up until a new row/column is selected
  • Bug Fix – HL7 Transform – Cannot delete transform
  • Bug Fix – Editor – Loading many small files compressed in 7z format is very slow – warren K.
  • Bug Fix – Editor – Fix issue with some HL7 Standard Table values not showing properly. Reported by Paul R.
  • Bug Fix – Editor – Copy/paste of Unicode characters incorrectly interpreted as ASCII
  • Bug Fix – Sql Loader – Fix database selection issue when the item selected is the first item in the list

HL7Spy v3.1.2119 Released

  • Improvement – HL7 SQL – When exporting to Excel do not show the count column. Requested by Cleveland Clinic
  • Improvement – SQL Loader – When exporting to Excel do not show the count column. Requested by Cleveland Clinic
  • Improvement – Compare Tool – Show differences in grid rather than as text. Requested by Cleveland Clinic
  • Improvement – Compare Tool – Issue seeing small changes like the period and space characters. Requested by Cleveland Clinic
  • Improvement – Windows Registry no longer required for install. Requested by optum.com
  • Bug Fix – HL7 SQL – HL7 datatype interpretation does not work when lower case segment names are used in the query – Reported by mhg.com
  • Bug Fix – Custom Code – HL7 Anonymizer creating empty fields where in 2.x it did not. Reported by manifestmedex.org
  • Bug Fix – HL7 SQL – Add missing DISTINCT button in HL7 SQL
  • Bug Fix – Field Statistics – Fix tooltips for next/prev buttons – Reported by jb
  • Bug Fix – Compare Tool – issue where Compare tool launched from HL7 SQL tool does not display if the Compare window has never been selected
  • Bug Fix – Sql Loader – Fix issue where Database field is disabled when first displaying the DbConnection form
  • Bug Fix – Custom Code – Copying a field to itself produces incorrect results

HL7Spy v3.1.2036 Released

  • Improvement – Add ok button to close HL7TargetSelection popup
  • Improvement – Support for compressed file types: 7z ACE ARC ARJ B1 Cab cfs cpt dar DGCA LHA LZX RAR rzip sit SQX UDA Xar zoo ZIP ZPAQ – Requested by WK from New Mexico Health Information Collaborative
  • Improvement – HL7 Mllp Server performance impromements
  • Bug Fix – Fix name if it is ‘[no name]’ and there is only a single archived item
  • Bug Fix – Fix Don’t create empty file tabs when a bad password is entered
  • Bug Fix – Fix issue with Bulk Difference Report exporting results horizontally instead of vertically. Reported by RP from Cleveland Clinic
  • Bug Fix – Fix issue with Interpret data types not working HL7 SQL – Reported by RP from Cleveland Clinic
  • Bug Fix – Fix ArgumentOutOfRangeException in Export to Excel function
  • Bug Fix – Do not associate .zip/.txt files with HL7Spy because some user don’t know how to change the association

HL7Spy 3.1.2003 Released

  • Bug Fix – Fix issue with pasting/editing hl7 messages not clearing the error indicator
  • Bug Fix – Defect Connexion.Core.HL7 – Setting a repeated field with another repeated field that contains \R\ is not handled correctly. Reported by Len F., eHealth Queensland
  • Bug Fix – Line numbers not showing properly while editing the hl7 message
  • Bug Fix – Fix object disposed exception when closing a tab while a query is executing
  • Improvement – Add ok button to close HL7TargetSelection popup

HL7Spy v3.1.1974 Released

  • Improvement – Improve HL7Spy startup time by lazy loading the content of most ToolView tools
  • Improvement – Add Save Redacted Messages functionality. Requested by Cleveland Clinic


  • Improvement – Show differences between the current and transformed message in Transform Test tool


  • Improvement – Use LaunchExisting option when file is placed on command line without the -lf option. This enables HL7Spy to be set as the default target for any file extension using the Windows “Open With” right-click option

  • Bug Fix – Fix Export so the progress is shown
  • Bug Fix – Fix look and feel of MessageCollectionView when it is popped out of the main window
  • Bug Fix – Fix progress bar in HL7 SQL
  • Bug Fix – Fix NullReferenceException in BindableQueryResults in HL7 SQL and SQL Loader
  • Bug Fix – Fix issue with registering the licensee/licensekey via the installer
  • Bug Fix – Fix NRE in HL7Subcomponent.EscapedValue
  • Bug Fix – Code sign HL7Spy.exe
  • Bug Fix – Fix issue where the name of a Custom Code snippet cannot be renamed.
  • Bug Fix – Fix issue where the watch list is not updated when no messages are loaded
  • Bug Fix – Fix potential NullReferenceException in Watch List
  • Bug Fix – Fix issue with the updating of the description when editing the watch list
  • Bug Fix – Stop button not working in HL7 SQL tool

HL7Spy 3.1.1910 Released

  • Improvement – HL7Spy performance improvements. Application startups are faster, as are loading files
  • Improvement – Improve performance HL7 Standard searches/lookups
  • Improvement – Highlight fields in message that match the search entered in the search textbox

  • Improvement – Support cntrl-i and cntrl-shift-i for navigating text within the HL7 Editor
  • Improvement – Custom Code – Allow source code to be copied in HTML so it displays in emails better
  • Improvement – Improved IPv6 support
  • Improvement – HL7 Receive improved memory usage
  • Improvement – HL7 Send – Close HL7 Target selection popup on double-click
  • Improvement – Allow minimizing the Ribbon when document is dragged out of main window
  • Improvement – Clean-up bug report look and feel
  • Improvement – Custom Code – Add a dropdown list to the toolbar to show available functions/classes
  • Improvement – Better support for High Resolution monitors with .NET 4.7+
  • Bug Fix – With “Application Options/Explorer – Start New HL7Spy Instance” off, double-clicking on an HL7 file does not open existing HL7Spy instance
  • Bug Fix – Fix look and feel of MessageCollectionView when it is popped out of the main window
  • Bug Fix – Clean-up display of HL7 Standard tool
  • Bug Fix – Fix uncommon NullReferenceException in FieldStatistics
  • Bug Fix – Fix unhandled exception when file path is too long in FileSave dialog
  • Bug Fix – Fix Application Unhandled Exception. [EvaluationException] Invalid Expression
  • Bug Fix – Fix [InvalidOperationException] rectangle calculation must happen first
  • Bug Fix – Fix text in Custom Code splash screen
  • Bug Fix – Fix layout of HL7 Receiver configuration
  • Bug Fix – [NullReferenceException] Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    at HL7Spy.Core.Hl7.HL7Message.UpdateOffsets()
  • Bug Fix – Fix: Error Firing topic SetStatus from HL7Spy.Shell.ShellPresenter. [InvalidOperationException] Sequence contains more than one matching element
  • Bug Fix – Fix sizing and placement of the message navigation control
  • Bug Fix – Custom Code not saved when switching between functions resulting in lost work

HL7Spy v3.0.1690 Released

  • Feature – Add “Exit HL7Spy” menu item – Larry B.
  • Feature – HL7 Send – Add the ability to log the low-level communications protocol. Requested by Philip D.

HL7 Send - Log


  1. None – Turns off all debug information
  2. Debug – Includes information about the protocol exchanged minus the actual data in the transfer
  3. Full – Includes all protocol information and messaging data
  • Feature – Global Custom Code – A Custom Code function that can be used by other Custom Functions. This feature allows users to consolidate commonly used code into a centralized place that can be used across multiple functions.

  • Bug – Fix Error An exception was thrown during handling the topic ‘ShowMessageFramingView’ System.ArgumentException: Input array is longer than the number of columns in this table.
  • Bug – HL7 Send – Issue if the End of Frame markers in the ACK are sent in a separate network packet. Found by Philip D.
  • Bug – HL7 Tree Editor- Fix [InvalidOperationException] Sequence contains no elements


HL7Spy 3.0.1648

  • Feature – HL7 SQL/SQL Loader – Add menu items for Showing/Hiding: Auto Filter Row, Grouping Panel, and Find Panel
  • Feature – HL7 SQL/SQL Loader – Add support for exporting column to quoted list – Albert E.
  • Feature – HL7 SQL/SQL Loader – Add “Selected To Distinct List” to clipboard right-click option and keyboard shortcut


  • Feature – HL7 Send – Improved performance and better memory usage
  • Feature – Add user help button that points to the on line user manual
  • Feature – Custom Code – Add function to Split OBX-5 repeats to and OBX segments with no repeats and back (HL7Message.SplitObx5RepeatToOBX/HL7Message.CombineObxsToObx5Repeats)
  • Feature – HL7 Receiver – Add error dialog when ssl is selected but no certificate is supplied
  • Feature – Allow configuring the Font used in the Compare Tool

  • Bug – Bulk Compare Tool – Escape double quotes and commas in Generate Report – Jeff D.
  • Bug – Sql Loader – Correct Integrated Security connection string value for Oracle
  • Bug – Sql Loader – Add support for Sqlite databases
  • Bug – Fix NRE when clearing the disposed Statistics Tool
  • Bug – Fix file save view error when there are no messages to save
  • Bug – HL7 Editor – Turn off vertical scrollbar when wordwrap is off
  • Bug – Split Tab – Split by file size should be in KB not MB
  • Bug – Fix clear-all/select-all in Open Folder tool
  • Bug – Fix issue where exporting and print preview causing MissingManifestResourceException and not able to display print preview dialog
  • Bug – HL7 Editor – Fix setting Font in editor settings not changing font in editor
  • Bug – Custom Code – HL7 Control Character Escape Sequences not properly handled by ToString()
  • Bug – Fix issue with PartialLoad Dialog not functioning properly when file size is greater than int.MaxValue
  • Bug – Fix extra message present in the tab when using Partial Load Dialog
  • Bug – HL7 Editor – Fix issue where “Unescaped Field To Clipboard” menu item is repeated each time the user right-clicks on a field. Reported by Jeff D.
  • Bug – Bulk Compare Tool – Full Segments not being ignored – Jeff D
  • Bug – Compare Tool – Find Next Change stopping at Ignored fields
  • Bug – Compare Tool – Ignored Segments should be ignored when comparing segment order