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Archive for December, 2018

HL7Spy 3.1.2273 Released

  • Improvement – Remember the last directory where data was exported to and reuse it next time another export is initiated. Requested by Jeff D from hicgrp.com
  • Improvement – Remove all intermediate Export dialogs and show the standard Windows SaveAs dialog instead. Requested by Jeff D from hicgrp.com
  • Improvement – Clean-up exporting from the Watch List
  • Improvement – Custom Code – Add more overloads to HL7Message.CombineObxsToObx5Repeats for transforming many OBX segments into 1 with repeating OBX-5
  • Improvement – Add an application option to Auto Open Export Files, or to just open File Explorer and select the file
  • Improvement – Handle loading multiple files where one, or more, has an access denied issue
  • Improvement – When Exporting to Excel, PDF, etc., reuse the same File Explorer instance to navigate to the file rather than opening a new one each time
  • Improvement – Update shortcuts for Field/Component/Subcomponent statistics
  • Improvement – Speed up loading of xz, zip, gz, etc. compressed files
  • Bug Fix – Fix issue where vv is placed on versions of HL7 Standard in the Export to Xml tool
  • Bug Fix – Remove double MessageBox request to overwrite a file when Exporting to Excel, pdf, etc. Reported by Jeff D. from hicgrp.com
  • Bug Fix – Fix issue where Recent File List not saving properly
  • Bug Fix – Fix OpenFolder search issue where filtering is not working properly – Reported by Sandy D. from aurora.org
  • Bug Fix – Custom Code – HL7DateTime.TryParse returns the datetime as being in the local timezone even if not timezone is in the DTM string
  • Bug Fix – Issue with “Redact messages to new Tab” when when tab contains multiple sources. Reported by David R from AGFA
  • Bug Fix – HL7Query – Fix Unhandled Exception. [ObjectDisposedException] Cannot access a disposed object.
  • Bug Fix – Fix An exception that was thrown during handling the topic ‘MessageCollectionRemoved’
  • Bug Fix – F11 should show/hide the Ribbon Bar but does not
  • Bug Fix – EventBroker – [InvalidOperationException] Sequence contains more than one matching element
  • Bug Fix – FileExplorer – SFTP error when navigating a directory that contains a file marked as FIFO. Reported by Jeff D. from HSHS
  • Bug Fix – Split Tab – Fix Message Collection that is split shows up as empty in HL7Spy until re-opened

HL7Spy 3.1.2228 Released

  • Improvement – Randomize sample messages used for calculating global statistics – Requested by Jeff B from mhg
  • Improvement – Message Split Tool – Add support to split files based on their original file name
  • Improvement – Editor – Improve performance of loading many small files – Requested by Joe M. from vumc
  • Improvement – Custom Code – Support setting the unescaped value of a field. HL7Subcomponent.EscapedValue
  • Improvement – Sql Loader/HL7 Sql – Add Windows Folder Browser dialog to ExportForm. Requested by Jeff D. from hicgrp
  • Improvement – HL7 Diff – Speed improvements to the HL7 Differencing algorithm for large messages. Reported by Tony C. from MModal
  • Improvement – FTP Explorer – Add support for recursive searches. Requested by Barry V. from princetonhc
  • Improvement – FTP Explorer – Add additional logging information when in “debug” mode to help troubleshoot connection errors
  • Bug Fix – Error getting Authentication Info. Padding is invalid and cannot be removed. Reported by John B. from Cook Children’s
  • Bug Fix – FTP Explorer – Fix Connection Timeout string showing as blank