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Archive for February, 2017

HL7Spy 3.0.1387 Released

  • Feature – BHS/BTS segments should be preserved by the HL7 Receiver
  • Feature – Add progress bar when initial Bulk Compare is calculated
  • Feature -Compare Tool Enhancement – Add to exclusion list by right-clicking on fields in the compare window

  • Bug – StackOverflowException when stopping an HL7 MLLP Transfer
  • Bug – Disable annoying ding when something is search via the navigation control
  • Bug – Total Query Time displayed in Sql Loader, and HL7 SQL are incorrect
  • Bug – HL7 SQL – Field name text is not always shown in the Columns of the result set
  • Bug – Sql Loader – Always show results if there are items returned in the query. Requested by Albert E.
  • Bug – Bulk Compare – An HL7 Segment Paths like OBX, OBX[2], and OBX[*] in the “Path(s) to Ignore” bulk compare settings, does not ignore all OBXs
  • Bug – Compare – Configuration dialog should not shut when enter key is hit