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Archive for April, 2015

HL7Spy 2.1.334 Released

  • Improvement – Custom Code – Expose the collection of output MessageCollections in the Custom Code base class
  • Improvement – Bulk Compare – Add Ignore Case option in the Message Diff, and Bulk Message Diff functionality. Requested by Prasad K
  • Improvement – HL7 Editor – Change error messages for 4 letter Z-Segments to a warning
  • Improvement – HL7 Editor – Make the wrap text option more accessible by placing it in the toolbar
  • Improvement – Trim off any control characters at the start of an HL7Message
  • Improvement – Add auto-sizing option for the HL7 Statistics Grid
  • Improvement – Update to latest MySql nuget package v6.9.6
  • Improvement – Update to the latest postgres library
  • Improvement – FTP Explorer – Add Filtering cability. Requested by Justin N
  • Improvement – FTP Explorer – Add Home button. Requested by Justin N
  • Improvement – FTP Explorer – Auto-resize the Remote Directory Textbox to use all available space
  • Improvement – FTP Explorer – Support for AIX servers
  • Bug Fix – Highlight Field feature does not work
  • Bug Fix – Fixes to HL7 Message Statistics. Reported by Elizabeth S
  • Bug Fix – Show in HL7 Standard from Field Statistics right-click
  • Bug Fix – Segment Editor – Next/Prev segment button does not work. Reported by David G.
  • Bug Fix – Bulk Compare – Message differ report does not honor case-insensitivity. Found by Prasad K
  • Bug Fix – HL7 Editor – Issue where empty file creates a situation where the index is set to 0/0 and copy/paste fails to function properly. Reported by Cameron N