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Archive for September, 2012

How do I remove PR1 segments?

Let’s say that I have a particular interface that is shipping me bad PR1 transactions, which is killing my interface. The vendor on the other side can’t make a change to his interface just yet, and I want to drop all those bad PR1s and let the vendor catch them up for me at a later date when he’s cleaned his data up. Is there a function that deals with including or deleting particular segments?

If you create a new Custom Function and paste this code in, load up some messages with PR1 segments, and press “Run”, the PR1 segments will get stripped out.

 public override void Run()
    // Get an HL7 Message in parsed format
    Hl7Message message = GetParsedMessage();
    // remove any segment with name PR1"
    // save the message into an new tab called No PR1s
    SaveMessage(message, "NO PR1s");

HL7Spy v1.7.68 Released

  • Much reduced memory usage when opening thousands of files using “Open Folder”
  • Show a “Loading..” message when loading messages over 1MB in size
  • Right-Click option to export the unescaped field to a file and to attempt to interpret the MIME type of the data
  • Fixed the search dialog to be automatically pre-populated with the currently selected values – reported by Denise G.
  • Fixed occasional IndexOutOfRangeException when pasting into the Message editor
  • Better error information when executing HL7 Sql query with syntax error