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Archive for July, 2012

HL7Spy v1.7.65 Released

  • Query Results from “HL7 SQL” queries are now shown on a per tab basis.
  • Added “Clone This Tab” option to the Right-Click on Tab Menu Items. This allows you to quickly copy the contents of a tab, and preform queries on it.
  • Fix Encoding character definition for the escaped Component was in correct. \C\ when it should have been \S\
  • Fix sorting of Message Editor Tabs for collections created via a query.
  • Fix out of range exception while parsing a message
  • Fix cancel on exit when there are pending changes to a message collection
  • Fix processing of hex values in the HL7Parser
  • Fix HL7 Compare in Sql Loader and HL7 Query displays items in the reverse order they were selected

HL7Spy 1.7.60 Released

  • Add an menu option to disable loading files into an existing instance of HL7Spy when double-clicking on file in Windows Explorer
  • Show name of Message Collection being searched in the title bar of the search window
  • Fix issue where copy/paste/undo/redo events are always being sent to the Message Editor window.
  • Add support for Undo/Redo to HL7 SQL and Sql Loader editors
  • Add Browse button to the “Add References Dialog” in the Custom Code Device
  • Fix key-binds for control-space, and ‘.’ in the Custom Code Device
  • Fix suggested file name to be a legal Windows file name when exporting to excel
  • HL7 parser should let tab (0x09) characters through. Currently TAB is being replaced with a space
  • When “Reuse Results Tab” is not selected, there should be a results grid per tab created – requested by Doug M. from Cleveland Clinic
  • Show the Query that was used to generate the tab when hovering over the Message Tab
  • Fix StackOverflowException when referencing Microsoft.Practices.Unity.dll in the Custom Code Device